Friday, 26 November 2010

It really is a bug's life!

After reading this article on Yahoo 'It's a bug's life'
I can safely say that I agree completely. I rarely chuck out any makeup but it can in fact be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria as I discovered first hand last week when my bacterial conjunctivitis came back - yuck!! The Doctor told me to ditch all my make-up, wash towels and bedding and be extra careful. It had been coming back a few times and I have a sneaky suspicion that my eyeliner was to blame.

So it is well worth replacing eye makeup and washing brushes (Mac do a good cleaner) and fingers crossed all hopefully all you'll be seeing in the mirror is a lovely face with no nasty surprises!

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My Christmas shopping has started early

Yes, you did read that right. I have been Christmas shopping since May! Partly because I have specific things to buy that sold out/I left it too late, last year.

There is a lot to be said for spreading it out as long as you don't make the mistake of buying too many present because you've forgotten what you've already bought. I like to use Google Docs to help me track.

I have however, come across a very useful site that could prove the key for finding something for those hard to buy for's! Have a look at You need to sign up to gain access, but I have seen and bought some very good products with amazing savings.

Good luck and remember, it's only 45days 'til Christmas (so eBay keeps reminding me!!).
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Thursday, 7 October 2010

The great cover-up - X-Factor contestants smuggled in using Snuggies

X-Factor bosses have gone to great lengths to keep their wildcard entrants
identities secret. The four lucky acts were hidden under last year’s
fleecey fashion highlight, the Snuggie. The contestants used the oversized
blanket and its two commodious sleeves to keep themselves under wraps. The
blanket with sleeves has also proven popular with celebrities wanting to
avoid the prying lens of the paparazzi. Bruce Willis and Oprah have all worn
last year’s phenomenon.

About the Snuggie: the fleece number sold more than 1 million units in the
UK last year through UK distributor JML. With a cold, wet winter in store is
proving every bit as popular. JML has sold 100,000 in the last few days. The
idea behind the product is simple. Settle down on your sofa, read a book,
watch a film and you are kept warm. If you reach out to change channel or
want to move pages, your arms wont be exposed to the chill of your sitting
room. They come in several colours. It’s so comfortable it could sabotage
your social life! They are available from and ASDA for

So what's your chocolate horoscope?

To celebrate National Chocolate Week (starting 11th October), the UK's
favourite Astrologer and TV Presenter Russell Grant has written a fun
summary of Chocolate tastes for all 12 Star Signs. Russell Grant said " Each
of the 12 Star Signs have specific traits in terms of food, style, taste,
attitude and general outlook on life, so to celebrate National Chocolate
Week I have written a fun editorial feature to highlight which Chocolates
suit each Star Sign".

Aries – A sumptuous assortment containing a mix of fruit, rum, fudge and
other sensational fillings will make for the perfect Arian chocolate

Taurus – Rich, sexy flavours, chocolate liqueurs or a luxury collection
in expensive wrapping is just what the Taurus who appreciates packaging as
well as taste, might order!

Gemini – Belgian seashells, Swiss truffles, chocolate coated marzipan - a
combination of flavours will tantalise the versatile Gemini’s palette. A
child at heart, Gemini loves the occasional chocolate treat.

Cancer – Choose truffles or spicy exotic flavours to leave Cancer with a
refreshing and lasting aftertaste. This sign craves chocolate as an
emotional uplift and will never turn down the chance to indulge on a special

Leo – Chocolate is many a Leo’s true passion! As much as they love the
packaging of their favourite confection, they can’t have their chocolate
and eat it too! The bigger the chocolate bar the better as Leo takes large

Virgo – Virgos care about what they put into their mouths and like to eat
Strawberry, raspberry and cherry fillings, fruit and nut chocolate bars
with spices all make for a really rewarding chocolate experience.

Libra – Libra likes the finer things in life and is likely to choose soft
and smooth chocolate fillings preferably wrapped in a heart-shaped box to
share with their partner. Hand made chocolate moulded in novelty shapes will
amuse this chocolate lover.

Scorpio – The Sensual Scorpio will adore the sensation of creamy flavours
melting on their tongue. Other favourites will be strawberries dipped in
dark chocolate or mixed flavour chocolate truffles.

Sagittarius – Smooth dark chocolate laced with aniseed or luxury
chocolate from around the world, offer Sagittarius a tasty adventure that
will transport them to chocolate heaven.

Capricorn – Quality chocolate in plain packaging with a pleasant aroma or
organic chocolate bars are best for the Capricorn who may be hesitant to
step outside their usual boundaries of flavour.

Aquarius – To maximise their flavour options most Aquarians will opt for
a variety of decadent fillings with a mix of textures rather than one brand
or flavour. Unique novelty chocolates will fulfil Aquarian’s chocolate

Pisces – Romantic Pisces will appreciate a smooth chocolate that melts in
their mouth. Associated with love and romance a gift of chocolates makes
Pisces feel pampered, loved and cared for.
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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Elephant Poo popular in York

York is famous for many things, such as its Roman Walls and the Jorvick
Viking Centre.

But now the area has also been revealed to be the biggest buyer of elephant
and rhino poo.

The odd statistic has been revealed by, who sells both as
part of its range of unusual gift ideas.

Elephant Poo In A Box is sold as a novelty item for growing an angel rose,
while Rhino Poo in a Box allows the owner to grow a banana plant.

Both use treated waste supplied by UK safari parks and zoos, to make them
germ-free and odourless, without damaging the nutrients.

However, after an audit of their online sales in preparation for Christmas,
managing director Tamer Shafik noticed that the elephant poo boxes sold
twice as well in the York post code area as anywhere else in the UK.

"It's naturally a surprise that any single area should see such strong
sales over any other, but as we were looking through our product sales to
date, we noticed this very clear spike in sales of Elephant Poo in a box
associated with YO post codes.

"It is a popular product, because it has such a surprise factor. It's among
the sort of quirky gifts no one expects, but because of its good nature,
it's unlikely to offend. The surprise for us is that it is so popular in any
specific area."

ShinyShack reports that to date just over 15% of its boxes of elephant and
rhino poo shipped to York.

"We're hoping to extend that over the Christmas and New Year period."

Swindon and Portsmouth were both the next popular destinations for poo in a
box, with these areas buying in 8% and 7% of all poo sales respectively.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Time management and how to be the most productive

I came across this very spot on and useful guide listing '37 Productivity Tips for Working from Anywhere'.

It covers - home working, office, co-working (when you're sat very closely to others in a working environment) and from a coffee shop.

Have a read yourself but some of my favourites ones are;

Even if you work at-home, get dressed for the office, go through your typical morning routine and tackle your day like you’re clocking in at 9.

Do NOT check your e-mail for the first 45 minutes that you are in the office in the morning.

Anyone got anymore suggestions?
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What home grown delights are you enjoying at the moment?

I've just harvested some rather delicious home grown celery and it's a lot less stringy than the supermarket ones and it was extremely easy to grow. I recommend you try it for next year.

I have also harvested x2 bowls full of cherry tomatoes! Waiting for them all to turn red now. Awaiting more cucumber and courgette's to harvest. So whilst I wait for them I think I may have to try making some celery soup. Anyone got any good recipes?

I think the celery recipe range from Able & Cole look worth a try.
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