Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Time management and how to be the most productive

I came across this very spot on and useful guide listing '37 Productivity Tips for Working from Anywhere'.

It covers - home working, office, co-working (when you're sat very closely to others in a working environment) and from a coffee shop.

Have a read yourself but some of my favourites ones are;

Even if you work at-home, get dressed for the office, go through your typical morning routine and tackle your day like you’re clocking in at 9.

Do NOT check your e-mail for the first 45 minutes that you are in the office in the morning.

Anyone got anymore suggestions?
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What home grown delights are you enjoying at the moment?

I've just harvested some rather delicious home grown celery and it's a lot less stringy than the supermarket ones and it was extremely easy to grow. I recommend you try it for next year.

I have also harvested x2 bowls full of cherry tomatoes! Waiting for them all to turn red now. Awaiting more cucumber and courgette's to harvest. So whilst I wait for them I think I may have to try making some celery soup. Anyone got any good recipes?

I think the celery recipe range from Able & Cole look worth a try.
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