Thursday, 7 October 2010

So what's your chocolate horoscope?

To celebrate National Chocolate Week (starting 11th October), the UK's
favourite Astrologer and TV Presenter Russell Grant has written a fun
summary of Chocolate tastes for all 12 Star Signs. Russell Grant said " Each
of the 12 Star Signs have specific traits in terms of food, style, taste,
attitude and general outlook on life, so to celebrate National Chocolate
Week I have written a fun editorial feature to highlight which Chocolates
suit each Star Sign".

Aries – A sumptuous assortment containing a mix of fruit, rum, fudge and
other sensational fillings will make for the perfect Arian chocolate

Taurus – Rich, sexy flavours, chocolate liqueurs or a luxury collection
in expensive wrapping is just what the Taurus who appreciates packaging as
well as taste, might order!

Gemini – Belgian seashells, Swiss truffles, chocolate coated marzipan - a
combination of flavours will tantalise the versatile Gemini’s palette. A
child at heart, Gemini loves the occasional chocolate treat.

Cancer – Choose truffles or spicy exotic flavours to leave Cancer with a
refreshing and lasting aftertaste. This sign craves chocolate as an
emotional uplift and will never turn down the chance to indulge on a special

Leo – Chocolate is many a Leo’s true passion! As much as they love the
packaging of their favourite confection, they can’t have their chocolate
and eat it too! The bigger the chocolate bar the better as Leo takes large

Virgo – Virgos care about what they put into their mouths and like to eat
Strawberry, raspberry and cherry fillings, fruit and nut chocolate bars
with spices all make for a really rewarding chocolate experience.

Libra – Libra likes the finer things in life and is likely to choose soft
and smooth chocolate fillings preferably wrapped in a heart-shaped box to
share with their partner. Hand made chocolate moulded in novelty shapes will
amuse this chocolate lover.

Scorpio – The Sensual Scorpio will adore the sensation of creamy flavours
melting on their tongue. Other favourites will be strawberries dipped in
dark chocolate or mixed flavour chocolate truffles.

Sagittarius – Smooth dark chocolate laced with aniseed or luxury
chocolate from around the world, offer Sagittarius a tasty adventure that
will transport them to chocolate heaven.

Capricorn – Quality chocolate in plain packaging with a pleasant aroma or
organic chocolate bars are best for the Capricorn who may be hesitant to
step outside their usual boundaries of flavour.

Aquarius – To maximise their flavour options most Aquarians will opt for
a variety of decadent fillings with a mix of textures rather than one brand
or flavour. Unique novelty chocolates will fulfil Aquarian’s chocolate

Pisces – Romantic Pisces will appreciate a smooth chocolate that melts in
their mouth. Associated with love and romance a gift of chocolates makes
Pisces feel pampered, loved and cared for.
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